Sheets music for plucked instruments

At you will find music notes for plucked instruments. Plucked instruments are stringed instruments. In order to produce sounds on a plucked instrument, the strings are vibrated by plucking or striking with the fingertips or a plectrum. Often these types of instruments are used to accompany songs.  The guitar for example a typical plucked instrument,  which is often used in the background by vocal and accompanies singing.  Of course, guitars, mandolins, dulcimer, ukulele and harp are also used as a solo instrument. In Germany there is the Federation of German Plucked Musicians (BDZ). In addition, there are national and international competitions for soloists or orchestras of plucked instruments. Also popular are competitions such as youth music. To learn playing a plucked instrument, one can visit music schools or special clubs. There, private and freelance music teachers teach playing guitar, harp, mandolin and other instruments.




Here you will find guitar, mandolin, dulcimer and ukulele.


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